How to Soothe A Crying Baby

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Nothing is worse than a baby is crying, especially when you are just new parents. Because the only communication channel that a baby can create is through crying, sometimes it is hard to know what they want. So in order to stop a baby from crying you should know and offer them what they want. Steps to soothe your baby:

1/ Check to See If Your Baby Is Tired or Hungry

Normally, a new born baby will get hungry in 3 hours since the last time he eats. He also feels sleepy after 3 hours since the last time he sleep also. When you see your baby cry, check if the last time he eats or sleeps is 3 hours ago, it means that you baby want to eat or sleep. It is still normal if your baby wants to eat although he just ate 2 hours or less before. It means that he does not get enough food in the last feeding.
If you think your baby needs to sleep, put him into a cradle in a quite dark room. If your baby have difficulties in falling asleep, play some white noise like noise of the rain can help.

 How to Soothe A Crying Baby


2/ Check His Diaper

Normally, for a newborn baby, he will be very sensitive to wet and dirty diapers. So the next step would be checking for any dirty diaper and change it immediately. Clean your baby’ bottom with wet wipes and apply diaper rash if necessary. You should remember to change diaper regularly to prevent any symptoms of a diaper rash.

3/ Burp the Baby If They’re Having Gas Pain

After your baby finish eating, his stomach will be full and gas will develop inside his tiny tummy. It will make him feel uncomfortable so he will cry.
You should burp him until you are sure he is ok. You can burp in by holding him with your left arm and place his face against your shoulder; while your right hand will pat his back gently until you hear a small burp sound coming from his mouth.
There are many reason for excessive gas in your baby’ tummy such as new milk formula or your diet.

 How to Soothe A Crying Baby


4/ Check If You Baby Is Sick Or Not

Your baby may feel uncomfortable and cry if he gets sick such as fever or diarrhea.
Check your baby’s temperature or any change in his skin. If he refuses to eat and sleep for several hours, you need to consult your doctor.

5/ Check for Other Physical Needs

There are also many small things that happen around your baby and make him feel uncomfortable. You should also be aware of these things.

  • Itchy clothes: Your baby may feel uncomfortable with the clothes you are wearing for him. Maybe because of the clothes tag touching your baby’s skin, or may be because it is too hot or too cold or the clothes are wet and sweaty. Also check the detergents that you are using to wash your baby’s clothes. Make sure that these detergents are made to be used on baby’s clothes and contain no harsh chemicals.
  • Changes in routine: Your baby may cry because he see new different things that he has never encountered before like a new people coming to visit him. If this is the case for his crying, don’t worry as things will get better when he grows up.
  • Overwhelmed: If the baby is playing and he starts crying, there may be because of much stimulation around him such as too many people, too many toys or too much noise. You can put him in a quiet place for him to rest or just give him a hug.
  • Underwhelmed: Other than being overwhelmed, your baby may feel bored or lonely. Come talk to him, hug, kiss, and play with him or offer him a new toy could also help.

6/ Learn to Tell Your Baby’s Wails

 How to Soothe A Crying Baby


As mentioned above, crying is a form of communication your baby makes. There are different types of crying for different needs. As time goes by, you will be able to tell the difference among them. This will make it easier for you to soothe the baby. You can ask other parents and your doctors about how to read your baby’s wails.

Another tip worth remembering is that under no circumstances should you shake your baby. Each year, there are about hundreds of newborn baby died because of Shaken Baby Syndrome, which you can find more information on various articles. If your baby is still crying, you can seek for help from other parents, your family as well as professional nurses and doctors. If you fell tired, just relax and take a time out. Don’t worry, things will get better pretty soon.

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