Tips On Using A Baby Crib Safely

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Among all kinds of bed your baby could sleep in, crib is the most popular one as it could provide the safest and most stable sleeping place for your baby.
In order to maximize the benefit of a crib, parents should know how to use it properly and safely. There are several things you could do to maintain safety in the crib including proper assembly and use. In this article, I will talk in more detail about all the steps you should take in order to use a cribs efficiently.

Here are the tips of what you could do to make crib a safe place for your children:

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1/ Make Sure the Crib Is Assembled Correctly

After buying a crib from the shop, the first thing you should do is not setting it up right away. You should first read all the instructions from the manufacture of the crib. Read them carefully and thoroughly. Remember all the precautions noted in the manual book as well.

When you finish reading the instruction, you could assemble the crib following all the steps mentioned in the book as well. Remember that if you set up the crib in the wrong way, it will harm your baby.

There are very strict safety standards for baby cribs so make sure you know what these standards are and how to comply with it.

If you could not set up a part or all of the crib, you should contact the store where you bought it and ask for expert help.

Also read the specifications in the manual books to check if there is any part of the cribs that is missing. Contact the store if there is right away.

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2/ Examine the Crib Regularly for Any Problem

Once you finish setting up your crib and use it, you need to come back and check it regularly to see if there is any problem that arises from the daily use.

Check bolts, joints, awnings and screws to see if they are loose. Make sure they are tightened. Also check for mattress support hooks for a secure fit to prevent them from entrapping your child.

Check the sanded wood on the crib frame as well as all of the bars of the cribs for any sharp or rough surface.

In order to prevent your baby from suffocation, it is required by law that the distance between the mattress and the sides of the cribs should not be more than 2 inches. Make sure your crib follow this safety requirement.

Another suffocation hazard that you should avoid is the slipping of the crib sheet at the corner. So make sure you fit the crib sheet into each corner securely. Use fitted sheet only.

Check regularly if there is any product recall on the type of crib you buy.

3/ Use the Crib Properly

Place the crib in a proper place. This could ensure both of your baby’s safety as well as the crib’s durability. Avoid putting the crib near windows, curtains with cords as baby can climb up and strangle on cords. Also put the crib away from direct sunlight as well as dirty area.

Don’t put the crib in the place that has many people coming back and forth. How can your baby sleep in that noisy place?

Make sure the mattress is soft and secure. Check for any sign of wearing out in the mattress as well.

Several items that increase the risk of your baby getting a SID are pillows, quilts, toys and extra blankets. All of these items need to be put away so that your child will not be suffocated.

Each crib will have different height and weight limits. When your baby is tall enough and he can climb over the crib, it is time to stop using one. Or if your baby’s weight is more than the weight capacity of the manufacture, you should also stop using this crib as it will fall off if bearing much weight than it can.

Baby sleeping in crib


Here are all of the steps you need to know to make sure you could use the crib safely and effectively. In order to do so, you need to pay attention when you set up as well as using and checking for any problem that may happen. No matter what you do, always follow the instructions in the manual book. Also check all the parts carefully and use your common sense to know what is good and what is bad for your baby’s crib. The last thing to remember is that baby when he is sleeping in cribs is more prone to SIDs. So make sure you can create a safe and free from suffocation environment for your baby.

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