What to Prepare for A Newborn Baby

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When you are expecting a baby, nothing could make you happier than that. However, there are many things that you need to prepare to welcome the birth of your baby. If you have 2 or 3 children already then you may have a lot of experience. However, for new parents, this experience could be quite overwhelming as there are many things to prepare for.

Don’t worry much, all you need to do is calm down and create a list of what you should do and buy in advance. This article here will help you with some of the most important things you need to prepare for your baby.

What to Prepare for A Newborn Baby

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1. Participate In A Newborn Care Class

This is extremely helpful for new parents as they will have a chance to gain knowledge about how to take the best care for your baby from many experts. You can sign up for one class like this in many hospitals as well as healthcare facilities. There are several things you can learn at a newborn care class including how to give birth to a baby, how to bath, how to breastfeed as well as bottle feeding. You can also learn how to soothe a crying baby and learn some basics symptoms of sickness your baby may get.

2. Prepare Your Home

If it is allowed, set aside a room or space for your baby. Make sure it will fit the bed of your baby.

Buy a wardrobe to store your baby’s clothing, wipes, diapers and make some space in the kitchen for formula and bottles as well as bottle sanitizes and other cleaning products for your baby.

Make sure that your baby’ room or space is safe. You also need to baby proof your house as well.

Put all of the sharp items away. Cover the sharp corner of the furniture with soft covering. You can also buy equipment to help hide the electrical outlets.

For cabinets and drawers, you can also set up safety latches and locks.

To prevent your child from climbing up the stairs or crawl to the kitchen area, use safety gates.

Baby proof your house could be done now or later but make sure you have it on the list and do it in advance. You never know how fast your baby will grow.

What to Prepare for A Newborn Baby

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3. Make A List of Essential Items

Baby shops will provide you a long list of what you should buy for your baby. However, some products are more important than the others and some products will not be used at all.

Consult other parents to see what you really need to buy. Some items can be passed from the other babies in the family. Some items you can buy at a second hand store.

Some of the most essential items include: car seat, types of bed you intend to put your baby in – cradle, cribs, and playpen, bottles and bottle sanitizes, rubber nipples, diapers, wipes and some pieces of clothing.

My tip here is to avoid overspending on clothing and diapers. Your baby will grow up to double the size of his original shape when he gets 6 months old so all of the excessive clothes and diapers will be throw away.

Here is the list of the items that you don’t really need at all. They are supporting pillows, baby lotion, audio monitors and white noise machine.

4. Wash All of Your Baby’s Clothing

What to Prepare for A Newborn Baby

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After you buy some pieces of clothing for your baby as well as bedding, you should spend some times washing them.

You should use a soft detergent that is made especially for use on baby clothes Check its label well to see if there are any harsh chemicals as well as dyes and fragrance.

If you use strong, adult used detergent, your baby’s skin will feel irritated and itchy.

5. Prepare A Bag That You Will Take to the Hospital

1 month before your due date, you should start packing a hospital bag of all the items that you will bring to the hospital. These items are all necessary for you and your baby. Also check with the hospital where you are going to give birth to see what they can offer you so you don’t need to bring that items.

You need to bring a copy of your birth plan including all scenarios that may happen and what ways you want them to be fixed. Bring comfortable clothes and footwear- slips on is recommended. Bring some diapers and clothes for your baby. Prepare also bottle and formula just in case.

Here are some basic steps you could follow to prepare for the birth of a newborn baby. I hope that you will find the process is full of fun and excitement.

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