Tips On Using Pack And Play Safely

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If you intend to travel a lot or want to go to your parent house for some days, your baby will feel uncomfortable with a changing environment and feel difficult to go to sleep. Also you are considering buying a changing station for your baby. If you see yourself in these situations, you should think about the best pack and play with newborn napper.

There are various types of pack and play on the market with different features and options from attachable toys to music and lights.

Using a pack and play also requires you a lot of cautions and knowledge about its safety. The most common question is Till what age should toddlers sleep in Pack n Plays?- as well as What to do to make sure your toddlers are safe?

Tips On Using Pack And Play Safely


So What Is A Pack And Play?

As I mention above, if you want to go traveling with your baby a lot or if you spend some nights with your baby sleeping in other places than home, you should consider a pack and play. The main use they pack and play provide is the alternative place to sleep for your baby besides his bed and cribs. Because it is portable, you can bring this anywhere you go can create a familiar sleeping place for your baby.

Besides being an alternative sleeping place, a pack and play can be used as a playard, like its names suggest you where you can put your baby inside and let him play on his own. It create a safe and clean environment for your baby so you can put it in anywhere, for example, like in the backyard or on the sand of a sunny beach.

Furthermore, in some pack and play which has canopy options, you could bring the pack and play to the pack and enjoy some quality time with your toddler under the sunlight without worrying that your child will get sun burnt.

Here Are Some Tips to Use A Pack And Play Safely

1. Read the Instructions Carefully

When you bring a pack and play back to your house and start installing it, you need to read the manual book carefully.

The book provides you information on how to set up the pack and play and how to use it.

There are also many useful details about the product such as weight and height limits which you should know to ensure the safety of your toddlers.

In most of the case, you have to stop using the product when your baby reaches a certain height and weight. When he is able to step on things and climb out, you also need to stop using it.

Back to the question in the beginning about when you can start to let your toddler use the pack and play, the answer could be that it is depend. It is not about what age but how tall and heavy your baby is. And the answer also depends on each product from different manufactures so check the manual book carefully for this information.

Even if your baby has not reached the maximum height and weight, if you see him intend to climb out, you should stop using it to prevent possible falls in the future.

2. Tips About Setting Up

Firstly, you need to pick a location to place your pack and pen. This place has to be far away from any hazard that may cause injuries and accidents. For example, put the pack and play far away from windows, stairs and fireplaces as well as electric sources

Follow the manual book step by step on how to assemble the pack and play.

You should not add any other foam mattress and other things inside the pack and play that your baby can climb on and fall out to the ground

Besides that, you also should not add any attachment which does not belong to the list of current pack and play’s part. Don’t modify it either.

After you set up, make sure all the connections are secured. You also need to look for all broken or missing parts. If you find something that is missing, don’t substitute it with any item in your house. You need to call the manufactures or the sellers to let them know.

Tips On Using Pack And Play Safely


3. Tips About Using A Pack And Play

The most important thing you need to remember is never let your toddler unattended when you put him inside the pack and play.

When you let him play alone inside, you should pay attention to him all the time. When he sleeps, check regularly as well.

There are 2 most dangerous hazard you should know about when using a pack and play, which are suffocation hazards and strangulation hazards.

To prevent suffocation hazards, you need to make sure you only use the mattress provided by the manufactures. If you add in mattress which is too soft, it may cause suffocation.

To prevent strangulation hazards, don’t place the pack and play near the window which has cords or drapes. Also remove all strings that are attached to toys.

Here are some useful and effective tips to about setting up and using a pack and play. With all the cautions and care, you will be able to provide your child a safe environment for various activities and fun times. Visit to Fresh Baby Gear Blog if you need more information.



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